About the Society

The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 was a disaster on an unprecedented scale. Many of the disaster-hit communities have not yet recovered, and the survivors’ emotional scars still run deep. Having learned of the sheer scale of the psychological damage sustained by the children who survived, we started thinking about how we could prepare other children emotionally for future disasters—particularly the massive earthquakes that sometimes strike the Tokai region. We ultimately decided to establish an academic society, The Society for Mitigating Post-Disaster Trauma. Formed of clinical psychologists and graduate students, the Society was inaugurated in April 2012 to examine how to equip children with disaster resilience—the ability to protect oneself emotionally and recover following a disaster—and has developed a psychoeducation program for this purpose.
The findings from our research activities have been communicated to the public. For example, we have distributed teaching materials for children and adults (Mitigating Post-Disaster Trauma: Teaching Materials Set, 2016) and leaflets for non-Japanese people (Leaflet on Mitigating Post-Disaster Trauma, 2018), and published Psychoeducation for Disasters (Minerva Publications). Some of the information in these materials is also displayed on our website, so please take a look.

Some of our teaching staff and graduate students have left us to move on to new posts or relocated after graduation, while others have come to take their place. Despite these new faces, the Society remains committed as ever to researching ways to mitigate post-disaster trauma and communicating our findings to the public.
We ask for your ongoing support.

April 2018

Nagoya University Society for Mitigating Post-Disaster Trauma
Nagoya University                                       Mariko Matsumoto
Takahiro Kozuka
Nagoya City University                                Yuko Tsuboi
University of Human Environments              Kumi Yoshitake
Mikie Suzuki
Kyushu Sangyo University                           Yuki Kubota
Chubu University                                         Miyako Morita